World’s Biggest Website For Sale!

Worlds Biggest Website For Sale

Came across this absolute gem of a listing on Flippa. I knew a few of you would find this whole ordeal hilarious, and I simply couldn’t stop myself from messing with this guy – check it out.

There I was, browsing Flippa using my highly-technical filters to weed out the maximum amounts of scams possible when I came across a site which caught my eye.

$200k starting price with a BIN of $1.2 million. What was a site with a BIN of $1.2 million doing in this part of the marketplace? It shouldn’t be I dived a bit deeper.

Upon allowing my curiosity to get the best of me, this is what I was greeted with.

“Worlds biggest website earning $ 10000 monthly.”

“ is the worlds biggest website and for that this website made 3 world records in Limca Book of Records.”

These were the files attached to the listing:

  • Attachment 1 – Overview + ‘transaction’ listings – PDF
  • Attachment 2 – ‘Earnings’ – PDF

Of course, I can’t leave out this trusting video walkthrough of the backend of the site.

‘$10k/month’ and this fella can’t even be bothered to buy screen recording software, let alone torrent it.

My scam scale nearly broke with this one. If one of the main selling points of a site is it’s in a ‘Book of Records’, something is definitely up.

Upon further inspection of the listing, the whole thing was a clear scam. Brief summary of the seller’s notes:

  • 318,460,567 unique pages in the website
  • Confirmed entry for the world record in three categories
  • Total size of the website is 5.5tb
  • Facebook, Ebay, and Expedia are all smaller than this site
  • 2 months FREE support!!!!!!!!

A scam nonetheless, but this one was different. It was so outrageously comedic, I simply couldn’t move on. I was practically forced to mess with this guy for both entertainment and karma purposes.

Here’s what followed.

Book of Records

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t the only one a bit curious about these so called ‘world records’ the site had achieved, and there were already a few comments questioning the statements.

‘amitsharma1984’ replied to our queries by letting us know exactly which categories it had won:

  1. Biggest sitemap of the website having maximum number of urls.
  2. Biggest website made by an individual.
  3. Biggest static website of the world having maximum number of pages.

Unfortunately, other buyers weren’t happy with this response and further requested some form of real evidence of the records.

After dodging the issue a bit, I ended up baiting him. I told him I needed proof the records were legit before I was to consider bidding.

He took it.

Here’s what I got:

Limca Book of Records Email Confirmation

The image is compressed slightly, but I can assure you, this is 99% what the original looked like.

Not only was this outstanding individual going to be awarded three world records for their business activities, but he’s also been nominated for the ‘Person of the Year’ award!

Wow! Why wouldn’t I want to do a deal with a Person of the Year?!

Other buyers were quick to chime in with photoshop allegations but ‘amitsharma1984’ only admitted to photoshopping out the email. He further added – he now wants proof of funds from potential buyers before further discussions are made.

Who was I to deny him his request?

$10 mil in the bank

At first, I was going to send through this:

Proof of Funds - Semi Legit

But it looked too legit. Here’s what I sent through instead:

Proof of Funds - Totally Legit

Can’t go wrong with Comic Sans. I also added a request to meet in person for such a high monetary transaction.

He replied within 2 hours:

@mike Check your private message

He was hooked.


I think he got a bit too excited.

Messages 1

He wanted my phone number, email, and address. He went on to suggest we talk over the phone, skype, ‘do a whatsapp’, or I could fly to India and meet him in person.

Unfortunately, I’d used all my miles and was unable to take a trip to meet this lovely fellow.

I got a bit distracted over the following days and couldn’t really be bothered replying anymore. It didn’t stop him, though.

Messsages 2 - Banned

As you can see from the bright red “BANNED” – his reign of tyranny and his world records were no more – at least on Flippa.

I went to check the listing one last time – it was bitter sweet.

Listing Deleted

Sweet in the fact Flippa actually does (sometimes) remove listings which are clearly scams.

Bitter in the fact my fun was over and ‘amitsharma1984’ was free to move on to another scam, and potentially another victim.


I had had my fun, and it was time to move on.

Hopefully this ‘case study’ was able to provide you with some insights into how extraordinary some scammers can be.

Of course, a side goal going into this was to be able to provide you with a few laughs as well.

Thanks for checking it out!

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