Website Investing Events 2017

Website Investing Events

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, getting involved in the community can be a great thing for both yourself and the rest of us! Get out there and share some ideas, make sure to bring some NDAs though.

Just kidding on the NDA part, or am I?

There aren’t a huge number of events dedicated to website investing, but there are plenty which focuses on the skills involved in order to be a successful investor.

I’ve tried to include events in various locations around the world as everyone should have the opportunity to attend at least one.

Rhodium Weekend

Rhodium WeekendOne of the only events dedicated to buying and selling websites. Originally named the Internet Investment Summit when it was first launched in 2012, it’s since been renamed by the organizer, Chris Yates. Chris has been in the online industry for over 15 years and is an active buyer and selling of online businesses.

The event focuses on buying and selling online businesses, discovering and discussing the latest trends, and networking and brainstorming ideas for your own business.

A number of industry experts continue to present each year at the event. Over the course of Rhodium Weekend’s life, past speakers have included:

The event normally follows a 3-day program in which a range of activities occur, both casual and of the more serious nature. You can see 2016’s agenda here.

Rhodium Weekend is both limited in the number of people attending, and it’s invite only. In order to be invited, you must hop on a call with Chris Yates himself to break the ice.


Location: Las Vegas

Date: October 26th-29th, 2017

Global Sources Summit

Global Sources SummitGlobal Sources Summit is one of the largest events in the world for Amazon sellers. With a huge majority of goods sold on Amazon manufactured in China, it’s no surprise it’s located in China, with a focus on discussing Chinese insights.

You can expect to hear discussions are tips on successful China importing and actionable strategies to grow your online business. Some experts in the industry speaking this year include:

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet face-face with Chineses exporters at over 3,000 booths on show.


Location: Hong Kong

Date: April 17th-19th, 2017

Empire Flippers Retreat

Empire Flippers RetreatEmpire Flippers are currently one of the few online business brokers in the industry. And the only broker who hosts an event in which clients are able to attend. There’s only one catch – you need to be making six-figures in order to even be considered.

The event is invite only and extremely intimate. Empire Flipper’s host around 10-20 people under the same roof for a weekend and a bit where you can network, brainstorm, and mix with other online entrepreneurs.

Presenters last year included the two founders of the company – Joe and Justin. As well as a number of other members of Empire Flippers’ management teams.

You can view a run down of how the event is normally run here.


Location: Phuket

Date: TBA


SearchLove ConferenceSearchLove is an event hosted by Distilled, an online marketing agency with office locations around the world in San Diego, London, and New York. As such, the company also hosts the SearchLove conference in three locations.

Across two days, you’ll join some of the leading innovators in online marketing for various networking opportunities and discussions.

The event has brought in a number of notable speakers from companies including

  • Ebay
  • Nokia
  • U-haul
  • Adidas
  • Marriot
  • RedBull
  • Plus much more

Each event features a unique opportunity to have a VIP evening with the speakers where you can get some one-on-one time.



San Diego (OVER)

Call To Action

Unbounce Call To Action ConferencePresented by Unbounce, Call To Action focuses on teaching its attendees next-level, actionable marketing tactics you can take home with you and implement the very next day. Topics covered include email marketing, landing pages, PPC, content marketing, and analytics.

Call To Action aims to be more of an experience than a simple conference. Attendees are complimented with breakfast, lunch, snacks, activities, afterparties, conference notes, and full access to the recordings of every session.

They even have a pre-written letter to convince your boss to let you go! Check it out here.

Speakers at the event this year include:

Feel free to read the recap of the 2016 event here.


Location: Vancouver

Date: June 25th-27th, 2017


MozConMozCon is a three-day event hosted by, you guess it, MOZ. Over the event, you’ll hear sessions on SEO, brand development, mobile, analytics, content marketing, and customer experience.

Each day is jam-packed with information-rich sessions during the day, followed by informal activities in the evening. A pub crawl scheduled for Monday night, fun-styled presentations on Tuesday, and to close the event, billiards, bowling, and karaoke on Wednesday night.

Speakers attending this year’s MozCon include:

If you’re interested in going and aren’t currently a customer of Moz, you can sign up for a free trial and save yourself $500 on a ticket!


Location: Washington State Convention CenterSeattle

Date: July 17th-19th, 2017


Inbound ConferenceInbound’s conference has possibly the most diverse range speakers amongst all on the list. World-renowned actors, athletes, and authors have all had the opportunity to present keynote speeches.

The event is quite large, with over 19,000 people attending each year. You can expect fun, food, parties, and inside information you won’t find anywhere else.

2017 speakers have yet to be confirmed. Previous attendees included:

  • Anna Kendrick – Actor
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates – Author
  • Serena Williams – Athlete
  • Alec Baldwin – Actor
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Author

Inbound also have a free template you can download to persuade your boss to let you go. Download it here.


Location: Boston

Date: July 17th-19th, 2017

There you have it – 7 events guaranteed to benefit you on your website investing journey. Sure, the cost may seem substaintial for a few of them, but remember, you’re investing in yourself.

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