I’m the guy who writes the stuff!


My name’s Michael and I invest in websites.


Despite what I may have lead you to believe, I wasn’t always a website investor. I too was initially thrown into real life following university, as an Accountant (I still am at heart). My main takeaway (Chinese anyone?) was not learning plain old account procedures, but rather how to read numbers and truly understand business.

My Mum was an Accountant herself and ran a single-person practice for around 20 years before selling it. So it was only seemed natural to follow her footsteps and start up my own small one man band practice straight out of uni.

I trudged along for around 8 months or so, before realizing all the red tape, all the rules and regulations, and the registrations and compulsory continuous professional development, just wasn’t for me. I had to cut the cord before it was too late.


Growing up, computers were my thing. I built my first computer when I was 12 and gamed on it for many years to come. During those years, most of it was spent shouting through the mic, always blaming my team when we lost. I dabbled in making money online a couple of times, but nothing too serious.

Fast forward to around 2 months ago, it was time to take it seriously.

I knew the basics of creating websites, growing them, monetizing them, and knew that this process could take an extended period of time depending on the method use. So I thought to myself – “Why wait?”.

Frugal living over the past few years allowed me to build up a nice bit of capital. So I thought – “Why wait to build up a website? Wen I can buy in further down the track when the asset is already making money.”


The creation of this website was more of an accountability project. Publicly showing the progress towards my goals, would keep me considerably more invested in them. This website combines all three,

Combined with the fact there are few websites currently educating those out there who are looking to invest in websites themselves. So I thought, hey, why not both?

You’ll find a variety of articles posted around the sites. Some fun, some quirky, some weird, and some maybe a little bit educational. I know you’ve been enjoying your time on the site otherwise you wouldn’t be on this page!

Good luck!

I really do appreciate you spending a bit of time getting to know me a bit better. But I want to get to know you too!

If you’d like to get in touch, have a specific question you’d like to ask, or would like to see a certain topic on the site – feel free to contact me directly at mike@investinginwebsites.com